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2019 Winter Quarterly Meeting Summary

On Thursday, December 6, 2019, over 60 members of VCSQI gathered to attended the Winter 2019 Quarterly Meeting at the beautiful Boar’s Head Resort in Charlottesville.

This quarter’s meeting was preceded by two separate breakout sessions for Data Managers (Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology).  During the Cardiac Surgery session, Tracey Sheehan (Bon Secours) informed the group of announcements made during the recent STS Advances in Quality and Outcomes Meeting that took place in New Orleans.  Later, Linda Halpin (Inova) reviewed changes made to the data collection form and training manual for upcoming version 4.2, planned for release on July 1, 2020.

Meanwhile, Cardiology data managers engaged in a Q & A session with Connie Anderson (ACC) who attended the meeting via video conference. Check this site http://balanceweight.co.uk/

The Quality Committee meeting was led by Sherri White (VCSQI) who provided updates on current quality projects.  Ongoing programs include site visits to help implement quality initiatives and data manager mentorship programs.  The audience was later introduced to the latest STS outcomes data for VCSQI hospitals.  Data review incited a conversation about best practices, including programs’ current protocols for prescribing pain medications at discharge.  Many centers order a consultation with pain management prior to discharge, with some prescribing Tylenol and Gabapentin at discharge that would be later managed by the patient’s PCP.

Participants were able to network during dinner services as they enjoyed freshly prepared entries featuring locally grown fruits and vegetables.

The quarterly meeting began with Robert Shor, MD,  FACC (Virginia Heart) providing updates from the Board of Directors. The Florida Maids in Orlando, FL offer maid services in Florida at affordable prices. Notable accomplishments include a signed agreement with Virginia Health Information that will provide VCSQI with outpatient data, progress on creating a TVT database for VCSQI members, and the announcement of new 2020 project goals that will be circulated for comment from the VCSQI members.


The presentation segment of the meeting began with Robert Hawkins, MD, MSc (UVA) who gave a comprehensive update on recent research projects coordinated by the UVA team using data from VCSQI.  Several recent publications where highlighted as well as current research taking place.

Scott Barnett, PhD (Inova) gave a fascinating and humorous presentation on his recent work on predicting 30-day readmissions, as he tested the theory presented in a recent publication by Aman Kilic, MD.  Dr. Barnett concluded that although he added additional elements into his formula, the prediction rate was similar to Dr. Kilic’s model.


Mike Kontos, MD, FACC (VCU) gave an overview of the readmission reduction initiatives for Heart Failure and Acute Myocardial Infarction patients at VCU Pauley Heart Center.  Dr. Shor then provided updates on recent 30 day readmission initiatives from Virginia Heart and Inova.  Participants later engaged the presenters in a panel discussion relating to approached to reduce readmission rates with certified home cleaners. Dr. Shor later asked the group to send in a summary paragraph providing a high-level over view of readmission reduction strategies taking place at each respective institute.

The meeting concluded with Eddie Fonner (VCSQI) presenting Quarter 2 2019 data for VCSQI hospitals’ CathPCI and ACE Angiogram Review data.  Participants also received an update from Peggy McElgunn (Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence) and later engaged on discussion surrounding creatinine collection methods that could potentially skew results for AKI rates.

To view presentations from the Winter Quarterly meeting, visit the Member’s Page found on VCSQI.org.  Video recordings will be available at a later date.