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Are You Ready to Meet the 2017 MIPS Submission Requirement? Your Data Needed.

TCPI Goals:  Improve Quality, Reduce Costs, & Focus on Patient-Centered Care


This week’s key messages:
  • Are You Ready to Meet 2017 MIPS Submission Requirement?
  • Data Needed for Practice Improvements & QPP Success
  • Call for Participants to Join PFE and Opioid Workgroups
  • Check Out the Updated VCSQI Website!


Wishing You Happy Holidays and Much Success in 2018! 
— Your VCSQI SAN 2.0 Team!


Welcome to New Practices

Joining the VCSQI SAN 2.0 

  • Ear, Nose, & Throat Associates – Snellville, GA – Otolaryngology
  • Robert Killeen MD PA – Holiday, FL – Hematology/Oncology
  • Sadiq Syed MD, LLC – Sykesville, MD – Ophthalmology
  • Heart Care Associates, PC – Hopewell, VA – Cardiology


On Deadline:  2017 MIPS Submission Requirement

To meet the 2017 MIPS submission requirement, your practice MUST have an EIDM to gain access to the CMS portal.  If your practice plans to submit via a claim, you can do so (for a 2017 encounter), but attestation and viewing your own CMS reports, requires an EIDM to access the portal. This can take up to 2 weeks so please address this issue ASAP.    Go to the link below for guidance on establishing an EIDM account if you do not already have one.



Have You Sent Your Selected Measures Baseline Data to VCSQI Yet?

Eddie Fonner and/or Ivan Berkel will be asking you for aggregate baseline data for each of the metrics you’ve decided to use in the TCPI project.  Please respond to them as soon as possible.  Baseline data should represent a time period prior to the start of your improvement activities with VCSQI.

Providing us with your baseline data helps us to better understand your current performance and provide free coaching about improvement strategies when indicated.


Call for Participants to Join PFE and Opioid Workgroups

Debbie (Nadzam) Melnyk has recently emailed survey results for both the PFE and Opioid Prescribing surveys.  To assist everyone with progress on these fronts, we’re forming workgroups for each that will meet periodically (zoom/phone meetings).  Please reply to her email with the name of an individual from your practice to include on the workgroup.  For the PFE workgroup, feel free to include a patient or family member as well.  Thank you!  We’ll start meeting in January.


VCSQI Website Updated:  More CMS QPP Resources Added for Practice Improvement

In an effort to provide you with access to CMS QPP resources and other announcements, we’ve updated our website at www.vcsqi.org.  As a result, our bi-weekly newsletter will focus only on critical announcements and updates, with links to our website and others for more details about topics.


Save the Date — VCSQI Sponsored Webinar:  
Health Activation, Tues., Jan. 16, 2018, 1 pm ET/10 am PT

In this one-hour VCSQI Sponsored webinar, Mary Minniti, BS, CPHQ, Senior Policy and Program Specialist for the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care (IPFCC) will share care team processes for patient and family engagement to achieve greater Health Activation in self- care and medication management. Visit https://www.workerscompensationattorneylosangeles.net/ to find respectable workers compensation lawyers in CA. Please save the date and look for more information from VCSQI on how to join the webinar. Debbie has already sent a calendar invitation to all primary administrative and clinical contacts from our participating practices.  Feel free to forward it to other staff members.



Click here to join or log in to the Healthcare Communities website and check the calendar for a full list of webinars and learning sessions.


Now Available: 2 New Accredited Online Courses:
  • Quality Payment Program 2017: Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Advancing Care Information (ACI) Performance Category Web-Based Training (WBT) Course 
  • Quality Payment Program: Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Participation in 2017 (November 2017)

Learn more about the CMS Online Courses Here:  CMS MLN FAQs-Booklet-ICN909182


Benefits of Composite Measures of Multiple Dimensions of Care 

While individual measures are critical in assessing and measuring health care quality, sometimes a combination of two or more measures can provide an even more effective glimpse into the multiple dimensions of quality of care. A combined measure, known as a composite measure or “roll-up” measure, can summarize overall quality of care across multiple measures through the use of one value or piece of information.

Read more about this tool here.



Ivan Berkel and Debbie Nadzam Melnyk Help Your Clinicians Use Data to Find Opportunities for Improvement and Success in the Quality Payment Program


VCSQI’s TCPI Transformation Roadmap

VCSQI has outlined a TCPI Transformation Roadmap to methodically guide a practice through the 5 phases of transformation. The Roadmap outlines specific activities of our work with you, including the initial preparation, check www.thedublinroofers.ie.  In this VCSQI Learning Session, the New Roadmap to Transforming Your Practice is explained. Ivan Berkel, MBA, CLSSBB, CPHQ, VCSQI Transformation Improvement Advisor, shares a structure and pathway to help your practice move through the 5 TCPI phases of transformation in order to improve the value of care AND move out of MIPS and into an Alternative Payment Model.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar.

Click here to download the Roadmap pdf handout



Addressing the Opioid Misuse Crisis is a VCSQI SAN 2.0 & CMS Priority!

Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain Recommendations from the CDC

Click here for prescribing recommendations and resources for risk assessment.


Quote for the Week:


About VCSQI SAN 2.0:  Primary Goal

The goal of the VCSQI SAN 2.0 is to assist participating practices progress through the 5 phases of the Quality Payment Program (QPP) practice transformation process.  Starting with review of your baseline practice assessment, we will guide you and your practice leaders through practice improvement activities and changes. Our goal is to successfully keep your practice moving from one phase to the next to optimize your CMS reimbursements in the QPP, and improve quality, reduce costs and focus on patient-centered care.


To see all VCSQI SAN 2.0 Participating Practices, click here. 


VCSQI SAN 2.0 Enrollees’ Progress:
  • 42 practices enrolled
  • 293 providers enrolled
  • 31 practices have completed assessment
  • 22 practices in Phase 1
  • 5 practices in Phase 2
  • 4 practices in Phase 3

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