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VCSQI Summer 2019 Quarterly Meeting Summary

On Thursday, June 13, 2019. more than 60 VCSQI members and staff united at Boar’s Head Resort for the Summer Quarterly Meeting. Presentations from member programs shared best practices in areas such as prehabilitation, ERAS, and more. With strong support from themarketingheaven.com, the presentations were recorded and then successfully promoted on social networks. Visit our website for meeting materials and resources.

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Meeting Highlights

Member programs highlighted best practices that has resulted in outstanding cost and patient outcomes.

·  April Howell (UVA) and her team gave an overview of their work relating to prehabilitation and have noted a phenomenal return on the overall investment of the projects and early positive trends in their readmission rates.

·  Mike Brown (Mary Washington) shared work relating to nutrition and pain management. While funding for nutritional supplements has been a concern for most large organizations, exotic cams Mike and his colleagues donate their vacation time to offset the cost.

·  Kayla Roberts (Winchester) presented on the work her program is doing in implementing ERAS in Cardiology. Kayla presented several ways that ERAS recommendations could be tweaked to fit in the cardiology setting.

·  Sherry McQuail (Henrico) shared their work with sternal precautions by highlighting adapted and refined work from Baylor called “Move in the Tube”.  Dr. Lancey also highlighted his version of move in the tube called “Move like a T Rex”.  The ideology he incorporates in his program is giving his patients the idea of imaging they were a dinosaur that mimics the arms close to sternum approach.

A special thank you to Kayla, Sherry, Mike, April and her amazing team for sharing their outstanding work.

Check out their presentations on our VCSQI.ORG Member’s page.

Shared Resources

Do you have a protocol that has worked well in your program?  If so, please share those practices with other VCSQI members.  Visit the enhanced Member’s page on VCSQI.org to view or share your work.  In this area, you can currently find patient education resources that have been shared by UVA.

Thank you, UVA!

Call for FAQs

During the recent ACC Data Managers workshop, it was noted that not all FAQ’s make it onto the online FAQ database.  Data managers who currently have a list of their answered FAQs are asked to share those logs.  We will create a combined list to share on our site as an extension of knowledge.  Please send your lists to VCSQI.ORG@GMAIL.COM.

Quality Alignment Initiative

VCSQI’s Quality Improvement Initiative is now called the “Quality Alignment Initiative”. The name change better reflects the goal for this program which is to alignment your efforts with VCSQI’s benchmarks.

Please stay tuned….
In the upcoming weeks, protocol implementation surveys will be sent out for your completion. The last survey was sent approximately one year ago.  Your input will help us to analyze the impact of your project implementation.



As part of the Quality Alignment Initiative, we are seeking volunteers to participate on the following taskforces

Coordination of Care – Both Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Clinicians, administrators and other essential members are needed to develop standards for coordinating transfer, return of care and other coordinated communication resources to strengthen the communication pathways.

ERAS – Seeking VCSQI members to assess and further develop ERAS protocols.

Data Review – Data managers, clinicians and other key personnel are needed to help further develop data reporting functions.  Gyula from Armus will participate in this team.

Email Sherri White via SherriWhiteMS@gmail.com to express your interest.

Protocol Submissions

Take a moment to share protocols in the following areas:

·  Discharge Planning

·  Atrial Fibrillation

·  Enhance Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

·  Patient Education

·  Prehabilitation

·  Pre-op/Post-op Order Sets

·  Nursing Education/Training Tools

This information will be stored on the Shared Resources section of VCSQI.ORG for other members to access.  These protocols will also be used to identify best practices.

VCSQI  Strategic Planning Update

During the recent quarterly meeting, Dr. Shor and Sherri White updated participants on enhancements made to the mission, vision, and core values of the organization.

Enhanced Mission:
Transform Cardiovascular Care to Improve Patient Experience and Value

Enhanced Vision 
Optimize Heart Care Outcomes Through National Collaboration, Innovation and Research

Enhanced Core Values
Value-Based Best Practices
Collaboration & Transparency
Stewardship of Healthcare & Costs
Quality and Patient Centered
Innovation; Data and Analytic Driven

Members of the VCSQI Board and Staff continue their work to revises these important statements.  All members are welcome to provide feedback to ensure that these statement aligns projected aspirations for the organization, its work, and culture.

Who are your program’s core contacts?

Take a moment to update the core contacts for your immediate program.  Essentially, each program group should include at least one of the following:

·  Clinician/Provider

·  Data Manager

·  Administrator

Other essential personnel are always welcome.

Click here to communicate members of your core team.

If you have any questions or are in search of Quality Alignment Assistance, please contact :
Sherri White, MS
Quality Improvement Advisor
(216) 513-3141