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New VHHA Manual: Patient & Family Experience Improvement Guide

Here’s VHHA’s New Patient & Family Experience Guide Prepared for Virginia Hospitals and Health Systems by the VHHA Center for Healthcare Excellence, you can download the new guide for improving the patient and family health care experience here.


“Basic Quality Improvement Principals” – “If you aren’t measuring it, you aren’t improving it!”

This VCSQI SAN 2.0 webinar on Basic Quality Improvement Principals is for all practices’ clinicians and office staff. Guest speaker is Brenda Kennedy, DHA, MBA, BSN, RN, FAIHQ, from the TCPI national faculty group. This will help practices meet Practice Assessment Tool criterion #15 –  that asks if staff has been trained and empowered to […]


How to Form a Patient and Family Advisory Council

National expert Chrissie Blackburn, Principal Advisor, Patient and Family Engagement, University Hospitals Health System, Cleveland, Ohio, provides guidance on how to form a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Click here for VCSQI SAN 2.0 Webinar Learning Session recorded August 11, 2017  


Patient & Family Engagement Resources from TCPI

The TCPI community has gathered numerous resources for clinicians and health care providers to utilize in their practices for better patient education and shared decision making.  The following compendium of resources shares extensive reporting of materials, websites, videos, and more for use for improved patient and family engagement. Compendium of PFE Tools andResources


Nurse Navigators & PA Discuss Patient and Family Engagement, Care Coordination, and Readmission Reduction Initiatives

Nurse Navigators and a PA discuss Patient & Family Engagement and 30-Day Re-Admission Reduction at the June VCSQI Meeting.  Videos include slides of patient tools for education and shared decision making. Panelists L to R: Robbin Shifflett, Cardiac Surgery Nurse Navigator, University of Virginia, Charlottesville Liza Szelkowski, Cardiac Surgery Physician Assistant, Inova Heart and Vascular […]


Patient and Family (PFE) Engagement and Activation

Deborah Nadzam, PhD, RN, FAAN, Transformation Improvement Advisor, and Jayna Eller, Communications & Outreach Director report on new VCSQI web portal resources, Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) goals, PFE criteria, the Practice Assessment Tool (PAT), and review of VCSQI member practices’ survey. Presentation on moving 140,000 clinicians in Strategic Alignment Network (SAN) in next 3 […]