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VCSQI Webinar: How to Form a Patient & Family Advisory Council

National expert Chrissie Blackburn, Principal Advisor, Patient and Family Engagement, University Hospitals Health System, Cleveland, Ohio, provides guidance on how to form a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). VCSQI SAN 2.0 Learning Session Recording (August 11, 2017 Webinar)


VCSQI Webinar: Identifying Patient Risk and Using Best Practices to address TCPI Milestones

VCSQI SAN 2.0 Project Director Debbie Nadzam Melnyk and Clinical Practice Transformation Coaches Ivan Berkel and Sherry White provide insights in Identifying Patient Risk and Using Best Practices to address TCPI Milestones 7 & 11 for Specialty Care, and 8, 9, 10 & 16 for Primary Care. Shared Resources: 5 Ways to Prevent Hospitalization of Seniors: preventing hosptitalization […]


PFE Workgroup – June 6, 2018

PFE workgroup minutes- 06-06-2018 First Coast Surgery-FRONT DESK SURVEY McLeod-Patient Care Progress Report 2-12-2016


VCSQI SAN 2.0 Person & Family Engagement (PFE) Workgroup on Medication Management

Wednesday- April 11, 2018  Bakula Dave, from Heart Care Associates, PC in Hopewell, VA, presents their strategy for engaging patients in weight management. The handout describes the activities and how they gently approach patients to consider and use weight loss strategies. Mrs. Dave shared that family members and caregivers are also using the strategies presented […]


March 7 Workgroup – Practice Success Story; Medication Management; Use of eTools

  Dr. Bakula Dave, from one of our participating practices (Heart Care Associates, PA, Hopewell, VA), shares their patient and caregiver checklist and strategy for patient engagement.   Click here to view and listen to the PFE Workgroup discussion held on March 7. PFE workgroup minutes – 03-07-2018 Heart Care Associates – PFE education material […]


February 7 Workgroup – Compendium of Resources; Discussion of Best Practices

PFE workgroup agenda – 02-07-2018 PFE workgroup minutes – 02-07-2018 Quick link directly to PFE Compendium of Resources: