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December Newsletter

December Newsletter

Written by Sherri White

December 8, 2020

A Recap: VCSQI Winter 2020 Quarterly Meeting

On December 3, 2020, approximately 40 members attended our winter quarterly meeting. Dr. Hunter Mehaffey presented a new state initiative aimed at increasing concomitant MV Ablation rates, while Dr. Wayne Batchelor led a powerful discussion on healthcare inequities among cardiovascular patients.

Board Updates

Dr. David Sane was acknowledged and thanked for the work and contributions as a member of the VCSQI Board.   Dr. Sane’s term has concluded and the organization is looking forward to his continued support as a vital member of VCSQI and hope that time will permit his rejoining the Board at a later time.

Dr. Pete O’Brien and Dr. Nick Teman were introduced as the newest members of the VCSQI Board of Directors.

The board is also establishing VCSQI priorities for the upcoming year.  Priorities to date include:

  1. Integrating the VHAC Network and Database into VCSQI
  2. Integration of TVT data
  3. Relaunch and Enhance Cath Reviews
  4. Development of  Additional Workgroups such as Same Day PCI Workgroup

Those interested in participating in any of our current workgroups or developing a workgroup, please reach out to Eddie and Sherri: info@vcsqi.org

Committee Updates

Research & Writing Committee

Dr. Quader was recently appointed as Chair of the Research & Writing Committee.  New goals for the committee include increasing interventional cardiology projects as well as implementing results from research projects into clinical practice.

Quality Committee

Judy Smith provided an update on the recent Data Managers Workshop that was held in partnership with the Maryland Cardiac Surgery Quality Initiative.  Material provided from the Michigan MSTCVS  was also provided and reviewed that included payor scenarios.  Melinda Offer from STS also participated in the session and was available to answer questions as they were presented.   Additional STS updates are forthcoming regarding the aortic composite grafts.

Perfusion Work Group 

The Committee continues to conduct outreach to obtain perfusion representation for each member organization within VCSQI.  Three projects have been identified amongst the group.  These projects include:

  • EMR Integration
  • Goal-Directed Transfusion
  • AKI after Cardiac Surgery

The group is planning to meet the week of December 7 to align members goals with projects and to determine next steps.

Shock Management Workgroup

The committee continues to partner with VHAC and together will  work to distribute a 17-19 question survey throughout the Commonwealth.  The next workgroup meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 10.  The next steps, in addition to deployment of the survey, include developing a common case reporting tool to capture key indicators and metrics to assess the impact of shock management amongst the state.

VHAC Updates

Dr. Pete O’Brien updated the group on the recent VHAC state meeting.  Participants were also informed of a collaborative effort between VCSQI and VHAC: the launch of the VHAC and VCSQI Joint Registry. The idea is to combine both Get with the Guidelines and Chest Pain-MI into a statewide repository for STEMI patient data.

Currently, there are 16 centers who are reviewing data use agreements for the new STEMI database.   The goal is to sign all 47 centers across the state into this effort.

Dr. O’Brien also spoke about the VCSQI Shock Management Workgroup.  VHAC supports the effort to establish a collaborative approach to shock management.  A statewide survey has been developed to assess each organization’s current shock practices.  Long-term goals include establishing a shock registry.  Short-term goals includes Shock Clubs and other efforts to develop best practices.

Additional information on VHAC can be found via https://www.virginiaheartattackcoalition.org.

CathPCI Reports and Quality Initiative Progress

Eddie Fonner gave a brief overview of Cath PCI vascular access site data, AKI rates, and highlighted several initiatives taking place throughout the organization that utilize VCSQI data.

Participants were encouraged to submit data requests that may be beneficial to analyze and drive change across the state.

AKI Workgroup

The newly formed AKI Workgroup convened its first meeting on December 3.   During the meeting, members explored potential projects and goals for the group in launching a statewide effort to combat AKI.

Mike Brown (Mary Washington) and Chris Sytsma (Winchester) volunteered to co-Champion the workgroup.  However, the committee also is in search of a Physician co-Champion.

The first mission of the workgroup it is to recruit additional Cardiologists and a Nephrologist to join the effort.  If you would like to join the committee, would like to recommend a cardiologist and/or a nephrologist,  please contact Sherri or Eddie: info@vcsqi.org

Wayne Batchelor, MD, MHS, FACC, FSCAI

Healthcare Disparities in Interventional Cardiology:

What Are They and How Might We Address Them?

Dr. Batchelor provided a comprehensive presentation focused on healthcare disparities in cardiac patients.  Attention was given to the predictors and impact of COVID-19 and the correlation between socio-economic disparities.  Dr. Batchelor also discussed differences in care and outcomes for illnesses such as diabetes and aortic stenosis among African Americans compared to other populations, with a specific focus on social determinants of health.  VCSQI is looking forward to exploring opportunities with Dr. Batchelor in integrating a healthcare disparities workgroup within the organization.

J. Hunter Mehaffey, MD, MSc

Barriers to Atrial Fibrillation Ablation During Mitral Valve Surgery

Dr. Mehaffey presented his latest research on concomitant A-fib ablation that included a survey sent out to VCSQI Surgeons.   Next steps include meeting with programs to implement practices encouraging increased Concomitant A-fib Ablation procedures.  This initiative will drive an implementation science approach to provide educational and mentorship one-on-one with member organizations.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please reach out to Eddie or Sherri.



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