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Fall Quarterly Meeting 2020


September 24, 2020 – Online

On September 24, 2020, over sixty members attended VCSQI’s Fall Quarterly Meeting for a jam-packed session of information and interaction.

VCSQI-PG (Perfusion Group)

Evelynn “Eve” Dallas, CCP from UVA, lead the first meeting of the Perfusion workgroup. The goal of the committee is to share strategies, experiences to garner best practices and create standards of care for perfusionists across Virginia.


#1 – Member Organization Representation:

With efforts to make an effective impact, the group is seeking representation from all member sites.  We ask that one member from each site participate in the workgroup.

Current Member Organizations represented are:

  • Carilion
  • Centra Health
  • Henrico Doctors’ Hospital
  • Inova Fairfax Hospital
  • Mary Washington Hospital
  • Riverside Health System
  • UVA
  • VCU
  • Winchester
  • Guests:  Johns Hopkins, George Washington University

#2 – Areas of Interest

Members were asked to indicated their top 4 topics most frequently discussed within their immediate teams.  This ranking will be used to pinpoint the initial projects for the committee.

Current Topics are:

  1. AKI post-cardiac surgery
  2. Use of quality metrics to measure individual perfusionist performance
  3. EMR integration
  4. Goal-directed Perfusion

Board and Committee Updates

Board Updates:

Dr. Alan Speir (Immediate Past Chairman) updated attendees on the following:

Dr. Gorav Ailawadi was recognized and thanked for his tenure as Research & Writing Chair as he has recently taken a new role at University of Michigan.  Dr. Mohammad Quader was announced as the new Chair of Research and Writing Committee.

We are looking forward to new Cardiology Participants in the months to come.

The Winter and Spring Quarterly Meetings will be conducted virtually.  The format of the meeting will be reassessed.  However, a hybrid offering of our meetings (in-person and online) will be offered when it is safe to reconvene in person.

VCSQI is committed to diversity, racial equality and reducing healthcare disparities.  Dr. Wayne Batchelor has taken a lead role at Inova tackling racial inequities in healthcare and will be asked to Champion the initiative within VCSQI.

More Details to come…




Research and Writing: In September Dr. Mohammed Quader (VCU) took the lead as our new committee chair. He shared his vision of taking the Research mop floors and Writing Committee to the next level, including implementing new research protocols and delivering results to our members not only in publications but also at the local level for improvement of patient care.

Quality Committee:  Tracey Sheehan (Bon Secours),  announced a new collaboration with the Maryland Cardiac Surgery Quality Initiative, MCSQI.  A virtual data managers workshop will be hosted November 5, 2020 to review new changes in STS version 4.2, including case studies and an expert speaker to review the Aortic Section.  The group obtained also training from Sheila Fairless (ARMUS) to learn their new software platform.

VCSQI-PG: Sherri White, MSc, provided an overview of the Perfusion Group that led by Evelynn Dallas, CCP (UVA).  The committee reviewed the impact of perfusion across the Commonwealth and is moving steadfast to obtain representation from each member organization.  The group is excited to shared experiences and develop best practices and are being to identify areas of focus.

Enhanced Recovery:  Kevin Lobdell, MD announced that the committee is in the early stage of development and is currently creating a mission and agenda for the workgroup.   Dr. Lobdell represents international and local ERAS efforts.






Eddie Fonner, Executive Director, presented the latest data Qtr. 1 – Cath PCI and Qtrs. 1 & 2 – STS.  Preliminary effects of COVID-19 were also highlighted.


Featured Speakers

We would like to extend a special thank you to our guest speakers, Drs. Erik Osborn,  Behnam Tehrani and Chris Sytsma for taking the time to plan and deliver phenomenal presentations.   It is an honor to learn of the work you do to transform patient experience. 

Behnam Tehrani, MD

Shock Team: Survey Results and Workgroup Update


Complexities of COVID-19: Management of Unusual Cases

Chris Sytsma

Chris Sytsma, RN, MSN

How Data Drives Quality at Winchester


View slides from this meeting and/or watch recordings from previous Quaterly Meetings. 

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