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TCPI Update for June 19: VCSQI Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Upcoming Data Due Date: TCPI Measures Data for April 1 – June 30 Due July 15 to VCSQI

Q2 2018 data for your selected TCPI quality metrics are due to Eddie Fonner by July 15th.  Please contact Eddie, Rick Koss, Ivan Berkel or Sherri White if you have questions about how to submit this data.  It is aggregate data (numerators and denominators) for your selected measures, NOT patient-level data.


Very Important 2018 MIPS Note: If you’ve not yet selected and started collecting data for 2018 MIPS reports, please contact Debbie, Ivan, or Eddie for assistance. We’re here to help!


Quality Payment Program (QPP) Look-Up Tool Now Includes 2018 MIPS Eligibility and Predictive Qualifying APM Participant Data

CMS updated its Quality Payment Program Look-Up Tool to allow clinicians to view 2018 MIPS eligibility and Alternative Payment Model (APM) Qualifying Participant data—in one place. Previously called the MIPS Participation Status Tool, it has been renamed the QPP Status Tool. Enter your National Provider Identifier (NPI) in the tool to find out your Predictive QP status. (Note: The Predictive QP status is based on calculations from claims between 1/1/17 and 8/31/17.) Predictive QP Methodology Fact Sheet.


Clinicians Can Also Check 2018 MIPS Clinician Eligibility at the Group Level and APM Predictive QPP Status at the APM Entity Level

Log into the CMS Quality Payment Program website with your EIDM credentials. Browseto the Taxpayer Identification Number affiliated with your group. Access the details screen to view the eligibility status of every clinician based on their NPI.


MIPS Preliminary Performance Feedback Data Is Available 

If you submitted 2017 MIPS data, you can review your preliminary performance feedback. Please note — this is not your MIPS final score. Final scores after all measures are re-reviewed will be posted July 1, 2018, according to the current timeline reported by CMS.

Quality Payment Program Website 2018 MIPS Measures & Activities

The CMS website has been updated and now includes 2018 Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) measures and activities for its four performance categories:

Please note, the “Explore Measures” tool is only for informational and estimation purposes. It can’t be used to submit or attest to measures and activities. For additional details on the 2018 MIPS measures and activities, view the following resources:


Join VCSQI Practices for Upcoming Workgroups:  
  • Opioid Management – June 21, 1-2 pm EDT
  • Person & Family Engagement – July 11, 1-2 pm EDT


VCSQI Person & Family Engagement Workgroup – June 6, 2018


Quote to Ponder:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill


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