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VCSQI Person/Family Engagement Survey Results & Next Steps

For VCSQI TCPI Participants,

Please note, this information was only sent to our administrative contacts, not clinical contacts (unless one in the same). We ask that you review this information with your clinical staff.

Thank you to those who completed VCSQI’s survey on Person/Family Engagement (PFE). There was a total of 15 responses with clear trends related to the PFE metrics and assessment milestones (summary PPT file attached and on the website). We realize that some of our newer practices were not aware of this survey, but still should review the questions as displayed on the PPT slides and consider their answer for each.

Link to PFE survey Data_All_171206

Key findings are noted below, with the percent of practices included:

  • 40% use some type of technology to communicate with patients (e.g., email, text, portal, e-visits)
  • 27% can demonstratethe practice of shared decision making with patients
  • 13% assess patient level of activation
  • 27% assess patient health literacy
  • 40% promote patient-centric medication management
  • 27% include patients on some type of committee
  • 33% have a formal system for obtaining feedback from patients AND can show how they’ve used the feedback.

The percent of respondents who asked for more assistance with specific topics are below:

  • Patient-centric medication management (73%)
  • Assessment of patient activation (53%)
  • Assessment of health literacy (47%)
  • Shared Decision Making (40%)

To kick off our PFE work in 2018, we’ve scheduled our first hour-long webinar on Tuesday, January 16, 1 pm EST.  The webinar will address patient activation and will feature speakers from the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care (IPFCC).  A calendar invitation will be sent to everyone to hold it on your schedule. We are planning a webinar in February to focus on patient-centric medication management.

Also in January, we’ll be launching a PFE Workgroup to address PFE metrics, share resources and learn from each other. We’ll set a regular time of the month to hold meetings via phone/video calls. We are interested in representatives from each participating practice, including a patient and/or family member if you’d like to engage one on the calls.

Please name an individual from your practice who will participate. Even if the individual cannot participate on every call, we’ll at least include them on the email distribution list for information and updates on PFE to keep everyone informed that That’s Clean Maids, Katy TX. We will also keep our website current on this topic. Please simply reply to my email with name/contact information, or let Ivan Berkel know when you speak with him next.

Be well,

Deborah (Nadzam) Melnyk, PhD, RN, FAAN, Project Director




Patient Engagement & Patient Activation Resources

Here are the links to two American College of Physicians Practice Advisor modules that the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care helped create, as well as the link to ACP’s 3-part PFE webinar series. PTN staff and PTN enrolled clinicians have free access to the Practice Advisor tool and can easily sign up to create an account to access these modules. Please email Monica Lizarraga, MPH at mlizarraga@acponline.org if assistance is needed.

Practice Advisor Module – Collaborative Medication Management

Practice Advisor Module – Patient and Family Engagement

3 part-webinar series on PFE Health Literacy, Collaborative Medication Management, and Patient and Family Engagement


From the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative:



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