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VCSQI Update: 2017 QPP and MIPS – If You’ve Not Yet Submitted 2017 Data, This Info is for YOU!

  • Fast Approaching – MIPS Reporting Deadline: March 31 (All 2017 Data Due and CMS Submission Portal Closed). Let Us Know if You Need Help to Access the CMS QPP MIPS Data Entry Portal.  Contact VCSQI project director Debbie Melnyk at debnadzam@gmail.com, or 440-785-9657
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to submit MIPS data in this VIDEO and FACTSHEET.   

2018 – QPP and MIPS – What’s Different and What You Should be Doing NOW

  • Quality category – You must submit data for 6 measures, for the full year; quality weight drops from 60% to 50% of total MIPS score (10% went to Cost category). You should already be collecting quality data and submitting through claims or entering it into your EMR or registry.


  • Advancing Care Information – Some measure changes (see fact sheet below); submit for total of 100 points


  • Improvement Activities – No change; try to select up to 4 activities that total 40 points


  • Cost – included as 10% of total MIPS score; CMS will calculate your data for this category (see fact sheet below).


  • We’ll hold a webinar in the near future to review 2018 requirements and changes.
  • See these new fact sheets for more details:


2018 Cost Performance Category Fact Sheet: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Payment-Program/Resource-Library/2018-Cost-Performance-Category-Fact-Sheet.pdf
2018 Advancing Care Information Fact Sheet: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Payment-Program/Resource-Library/2018-Advancing-Care-information-Fact-Sheet.pdf
For general information and resources: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Payment-Program/Resource-Library/2018-Resources.html
For More MACRA and QPP Updates, follow this link to MACRA info and go to https://qpp.cms.gov
For Updates Related to TCPI (new practices; phase progression, success stories, PFE and Opioid Management Workgroups), go the VCSQI website and check out the right side bar for topics.


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