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Benefits of Participation

VCSQI SAN 2.0 Will Help You Maximize Patient Outcomes and Experience, and Your Healthcare Reimbursement

Our overarching goal is to improve practice performance financially through a better understanding of MACRA, MIPS, and APMs.

The Virginia Cardiac Services Quality Initiative (VCSQI) was awarded a federal government contract to serve as a Support and Alignment Network (SAN) 2.0 and provide education and consultation to clinicians’ practices to improve outcomes, enhance clinical experiences for their patients, and lower costs.

Through these efforts, you will be prepared for the new payment models already launched by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and for assessment for merit-based incentives.

At no charge to your practice, once you voluntarily elect to participate in the VCSQI SAN 2.0, the Leadership Team will begin the following steps:

Step One

Our Project Director, Assistant Program Manager, Transformation Improvement Advisor, and Chief Clinical Advisor will help you understand the payment options under MACRA and how you can transform your practice to be able to successfully participate in an APM and Advanced APM.

The process starts with conducting a one-hour phone interview to formally assess your practice’s structures and processes related to measuring and improving quality, managing costs, and engaging patients in their care. A CMS-developed practice assessment tool and criteria outline serve as the basis for confidential baseline measurement and practice leaders will select priority areas for targeted improvement.

Step Two

The VSCQI SAN 2.0 will evaluate team-based collaboration among providers to create pathways for improvement. Patient and family engagement in care planning and decision-making is a key area of focus. This is a high priority area for CMS and enhanced support will be invaluable as this domain becomes more heavily weighted in the payment methodology.

Step Three

The VCSQI SAN 2.0 can help redesign clinical systems to result in increased value and improved outcomes for patients while reducing costs and utilization. Tools and resources are provided that address care team training, patient, and family engagement, medication management, and incorporating patient and family caregivers as practice advisors for their input to improve care and the patient experience. Working together will support effective analysis and improvement of your identified priority areas.

Step Four

Following a deeper analysis of priority areas, interventions that identify specific improvement needs will be defined along with performance improvement teams to address these targeted areas. As your transformation advisor, VCSQI SAN 2.0 will also assist your team with implementation of selected interventions, structures and processes that address your priority areas. Your practice will be re-assessed every 6 months using the same tool and method used in the initial assessment.

The VCSQI SAN 2.0 will move your practice through the five transformation phases. We will provide practices with thoughts and techniques on improved care coordination, patient satisfaction, a focus on new quality measures and more cost-effective care through adoption and implementation of developing evidence based guidelines.  On-site visits, webinars and educational materials, and one-on-one meetings and conference calls will be part of the VCSQI work plan for every participating practice.

Join the VCSQI SAN 2.0 — CMS-funded consultation and education services to help prepare your practice and clinicians for the new healthcare regulations.

Avoid Payment Penalties and Improve Quality of Care

Learn how VCSQI SAN 2.0 will help your practice transform in the new Quality Payment Program.

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